About Me

I love photography and I love people.

I love helping people feel comfortable enough to be themselves in front of a camera.


I love my family. Andrew and I have been married for 30 years and it has been amazing. We have 4 children that we adore and our family is growing!! We have two sons-in-law too! My favorite part of parenting is watching our children discover their talents and gifts. It feels like Christmas every day when I watch them unwrap and discover new pieces of themselves. 


I am so grateful for my faith. Spirituality is a huge part of my life. I praise God for helping me know that I can accomplish anything if I do it with Him. I love that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to atone for my sins. What a price He paid, that I might live! I know they love me. I know they love you. We are all God's children!


A perfect day for me would be an open road, good weather, my road bike and my playlist. I love music and I love to ride.


My goal as a photographer is to help people see the beauty in themselves. I want to capture their light within. I love emotion and genuine expression. I love to see a connection between people. I look forward to capture that light in you! And to create a beautiful portrait showing the connections in your family.


Thanks for stopping by! 

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336 East 100 North

Farmington, Utah 84025