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Never underestimate the investment you make in yourself.

There is a difference between taking a photograph, and making a photograph.


When I photograph you, I will be present in every way: emotionally, technically and artistically. I thought when I began photography that the greatest gift I could give my clients was the perfect pose, the perfect exposure, the perfect composition. While all those elements are important, I realized quickly the greatest gift I give my clients is my heart.

My heart connecting to their heart. My heart reminding them who they are. I see the greatness and beauty

in them and I help them find that confidence in themselves.


Sophia Loren said, "Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful."​

Helping people believe in their own beauty is what I do.

Invest in yourself. Invest in the experience. Let's create images together that you want to hang on your walls and share

with your those you love. Let's create images that capture the true beauty inside of you and your relationships.

Let's celebrate the art of living.




Session Fee in Davis County $100

Session Fee outside Davis County $125+

  (fee varies depending on how far I travel)


Session fee includes up to 20 people and up to 1.5 hours of time. I will photograph a big group shot, as well as take individual shots of each person or small family and any other combination of groups. (grandkids, girls, boys, etc)


Images are purchased separately. See pricing at the right. Minimum image purchase for family package:  $250


HEADSHOTS for individuals

1 Outfit, 1 location, 1 image  $50 

2 Outfits, 2 locations, 2 images $100

Additional images: $25



3 Outfits, 3 locations 8 images   $300 (save $50)

This is intended for people who need a varitey of public images for use on social media, or business engagements.



1 Outfit, 1 location, 1 image $25

(please bring scriptures or flag if you want to)

Additional images $20


Elder Devin Johnson-314.jpg


8x10 digital image                $25

16x20 digital image              $50

20x30 digital image             $75

30x40 digital image             $100




1 sided card                            free

2 sided card                           $25

Tri-fold card                          $50












Posters                                    $25

Ainsworth 2016 Back.jpg
Ainsworth 2016 Front.jpg
FJH Jazz Midwest Core Poster.jpg
Elder Devin Johnson-108.jpg
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